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In the interest of patient safety, and to satisfy the requirements of our accrediting body, we would appreciate if all samples are labelled with two (2) identifiers, preferably, Patient's full name and National ID Number. This ALONE will allow us to provide you with an accumulative/historical report, on request.

Did you know?

Cervical cancer can actually be prevented through early detection and intervention. While most of the abnormal cells found in the cervix are caused by persistent infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV), the PAP does not directly detect the presence of HPV, especially those high risk types now known to cause most cervical cancers. ASK For PAP With HPV Test.

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Welcome to Barbados Reference Laboratory Ltd. We are a full-service clinical and anatomical pathology laboratory serving Barbados and all of the Caribbean.

We offer a broad spectrum of clinical and anatomical pathology services, all designed to provide physicians and their patients with the most accurate and diagnostically meaningful results.

We are fully licensed and accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).


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A position with Barbados Reference Laboratory Ltd. can open up a world of possibilities.

We delight in providing opportunities to apply your skills and good judgment, develop professionally and build your career.